Birthday Parties


It’s Greater Chicago’s BEST Birthday Party!

Imagine their excitement when our luxury, limo-style Game Theater pulls up at the party…or…imagine how thrilled they’ll be to be handed their amazing Laser Tagger and get ready for awesome “combat” with their friends…Or  how excited your guests will be when our Bubble Soccer field is set up for crazy, bouncing fun!

Our Game Trucks ROCK!

Video game truck in Chicago - game van, game bus for birthday parties

Our Game Trucks have Seven HUGE High-Definition TV’s and all the best games and consoles. Awesome lighting, kickin’ sound…the most amazing party you’ve ever seen! 20 gamers can play at one time inside!  With our outside TV’s up to 28 gamers can play at once!  We’ve even got a concession area with a microwave, coffee service and service window…it’s the ultimate birthday party in Chicago!

Chicago Illinois laser tag birthday party Chicago’s ultimate laser tag party! We even bring a high-tech “Army Bunker” trailer!

Our Laser Tag allows up to 20 players to blast away in an exciting but safe environment!  Our Custom Laser Tag Trailer brings all the equipment and provides a climate-controlled “army bunker” with bench seating and a 40″ LCD where the “recruits” will be trained for their epic Laser Tag battle!  We set up the entire field with pop-up camo bunkers, provide camo face paint and color-coded “tactical” vests and more!  Indoors or out, it’s the best laser tag party in Chicago!

We bring Chicago’s best Glamour Spa Birthday Parties, too!  Our amazing new “Glamour Wherever” mobile glamour and spa party truck comes right to you!  It’s Chicagoland’s best birthday party for girls, and we have Bachelorette and Baby Shower ideas that are sure to perfect for the special lady!  See more about our Glamour Spa truck here!
Chicago glamour spa day birthday party for girls

Bubble Soccer is an absolute blast! These crazy, bouncing, rolling spheres let players get inside to run, kick and bounce their way through the most hilarious soccer game you’ve ever imagined! You’ve heard about Bubble Soccer, Knocker Ball or Zorbing…now it’s time to get in the game!

Chicago bubble soccer knockball knocker soccer party Chicago’s best Bubble Soccer party!


It’s a party AT your house, but not IN your house!


Your Video Game Truck Birthday Party Includes:

  • A Game Coach to assist with your party
  • Use of our 7 HUGE Hi-Def TV’s (5 inside and, weather permitting, two more outside)
  • Use of our video game collection. See our games!
  • Use of our Xbox One, Xbox One X, Xbox One S, Multiple PS4 and Nintendo Switch Consoles,  Virtual Reality gaming station (for the guest of honor only!)
  • Use of our concession area (coffee service, microwave, service window) for the ultimate in convenience and fun
  • Up to 20 high-quality invitations for you to mail to your guests.

Your Laser Tag Birthday Party Includes:

  • Up to 16 Birthday Invitations Free!
  • A Game Coach/Referee to instruct players & lead the game play
  • Our custom 14′ Laser Tag Trailer with all equipment
  • Bench Seating for participants and climate control for comfort!
  • 40″ LCD to view “Battle Training” video
  • 16 Battle Rifle Pro® Laser Taggers
  • Hi-Tech Laser Taggers have daytime range over 300′, over 700′ at night!
  • Laser Tagger slings (bandoliers)
  • Camo Face Paint for participants (when desired)
  • Camo Pop-Up Bunkers (hide in or behind during game play)
  • Color-coded military style vests (for team identification)

Your Bubble Soccer Birthday Party includes:

  • Up to 15 Birthday Invitations Free!
  • A Game Coach/Referee to instruct and run the games!
  • 10 Inflatable Bubbles for players (we can rotate players for larger groups!)
  • The craziest, zaniest, bounciest fun ever!


1-Hour Video Game Truck Parties
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $400*

2-Hour Video Game Truck Birthday Parties
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $500*
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) : $485*

2-Hour Laser Tag  Birthday Parties
Weekends (Fri-Sunday): $650*
Weekdays (Mon-Thurs) : $600*

Combination Video Game Truck & Laser Tag Parties
(3 Hour party – 2 hours of Game Truck, 1 hour of Laser Tag)   $1200*

90-Minute Bubble Soccer Parties: $600

Combination Video Game Truck & Bubble Soccer Parties
(3 Hour Party – 2 hours of Game Truck, 1 hour of Bubble Soccer):  $1000

Combination Laser Tag & Bubble Soccer Parties
(3 Hour Party – 2 hours of Laser Tag, 1 hour of Bubble Soccer):  $1000

Click Here for Glamour/Spa Birthday Party information and pricing!

*Plus any applicable Travel Surcharge.  See our Service Area for more.
Holiday prices may be higher.

Laser Tag parties include up to 16 Laser Taggers.
Bubble Soccer parties include 10 bubbles.
We can rotate players for larger groups at an additional cost
Additional Time can be added when booking.